Tuesday Jan 16th, 2018


6 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Fireplace Mantel Fireplaces are a great addition to any room, not only for their practical use, but also for their ability to add character and appeal. As they tend to be the focal point of the room, it is important that one knows how to decorate them in order to prevent an eye sore within the room. Take a look at this list of 6 items to decorate your fireplace mantel at home.   Art This is probably one of the first things that comes to mind... [read more]


Wednesday Jan 10th, 2018


9 Essential Steps to Winterize Your Home It is official, the cold weather is finally here which means it is time to winterize your home in order to protect it for the next few chilly months to come. These few preventive measures will go a long way in saving you money on your energy bills, keeping your home warm, and ensuring that your property is safe.   1. Clean your gutters and downspouts   If your gutters have not been cleaned before winter, the water will not drain... [read more]


Wednesday Jan 03rd, 2018


Small Space Party Planning This time of year means packed schedules full of seeing family and friends at different occasions. With all the hustle and bustle going on, it’s likely you will be hosting something at your home this holiday season. While we all don’t have ample space for entertaining in our homes, it’s still possible to throw a festive and fun shin dig that doesn’t cramp everyone’s style. Plan The Right Party A bachelor apartment is not be... [read more]


Wednesday Dec 20th, 2017


The Differences of House and Condo Renovation Regardless of the size of your space, owning a roof over your head involves a fair share of maintenance and upkeep. Some people enjoy condo living, while others prefer a house with a backyard. And, when you are planning to renovate your property, houses and condos play by different rules. Read on to discover what to keep in mind before you start your next project! Permits & Approvals If you own a house and want to renovate, you... [read more]


Tuesday Dec 12th, 2017


How to Build the Perfect, Cozy Reading Nook Life moves fast, and sometimes it is hard to find time to slow down and take time for yourself. By creating a cozy reading nook in your home, your own personal paradise, we guarantee you will be more inclined to take that much needed time to unwind after a long day, and flip through your favorite book. Find a Quiet Spot The perfect reading spot can be just about anywhere in your house; a corner in your living room, a window seat in your... [read more]


Wednesday Dec 06th, 2017


A Lazy Person’s Guide to a Clean Home For some, keeping a clean home is a joy in itself. For others, it’s a job best left to an hour before company comes over. If you find yourself in the latter group then odds are you’re just a little bit lazy when it comes to housework. Fear not, even the laziest people can have a clean home, all you need to do is follow these 5 tips. 1. One task a day Cleaning your entire home in one go is an overwhelming task whether... [read more]


Tuesday Nov 28th, 2017


Home Warning Signs That Could Lead to Big Problems Picture this: You’re having a big dinner party for some very important people and you want the evening to be perfect. An hour before the guests are set to arrive, you can’t help but notice an unpleasant odour coming from the basement. You open the door leading down to your basement only to discover a foot of water and the source of that smell. If only you had seen the warning signs that your pipes were about to burst before... [read more]


Tuesday Nov 21st, 2017


10 Easy Renos To Increase Your Home’s Value Before Selling   Many homeowners can attest to the fact that, once you buy a piece of property, the hard part is not quite over yet. While it still is exciting and fun to decorate, organize and plan for the future, homes require a lot of work and upkeep. Even if you don’t plan on making another move for a long time, here are some easy renovations that can help increase the value when you do decide to sell. 1) If you paint... [read more]


Tuesday Nov 14th, 2017


Daylight Savings Lighting Solutions Even though Daylight Savings happens around the same time every year, we always seem to be caught off guard by it. More than just changing the clocks, Daylight Savings can have a strong effect on our daily lives. While the extra hour of sleep is something almost everyone can benefit from, it’s a lot to trade for the decrease in sunlight we see each day. If you’re looking for ways to brighten up your home, try these Daylight Savings... [read more]


Tuesday Nov 07th, 2017


How To Deep Clean Your Fridge The general cleanliness of your fridge can be up kept with the wipe of a damp cloth weekly. At least twice a year it’s a good idea to give it a major cleaning — a complete refrigerator refresh. Set aside some time, gather your cleaning supplies, grab yourself a cooler (not for beer, unfortunately) and get down to it. How to deep clean your fridge in 4 easy steps:   1. Take everything out. When we say everything, we mean everything,... [read more]


Wednesday Nov 01st, 2017


6 Small Decorating Changes That Make A Big Impact At Home Is your home in major need of an update, but your budget is saying otherwise? Look past the temptation of doing a costly full home renovation, and instead make little updates that can truly go a long way. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Change Your Doorknobs The doorknobs both inside and outside of your home are used quite frequently so changing them up can be a significant change. They also have the ability to add a... [read more]


Wednesday Oct 25th, 2017


6 Functional Ways To Repurpose Your Spare Bedroom Empty nesters rejoice! With those kids now off at college you now have a new spare bedroom that you may now wonder, what do I with this new found space? Having a spare bedroom is quite the luxury but if not repurposed, it can quickly become a useless junk closet. Check out 6 of best ideas we have come up with to help you figure out what to do with this room. Guest Bedroom An obvious first choice is a guest room. If your child will... [read more]


Tuesday Oct 17th, 2017


How Often Should You Water Your Plants? Is your green thumb failing you when it comes to houseplants? It’s probably the water! Here’s a master list of how often you should water the most common houseplants to get you started. Peace Lily Water: Once a week As its name suggests, this plant is low maintenance, pretty and actually contributes to your general well-being because of its air-purifying qualities. The key to having this plant bloom its stunning white flowers?... [read more]


Tuesday Oct 10th, 2017


7 Ways To Better Coexist With Your Basement Tenants   With real estate prices at an all time high, it is becoming more and more common for homeowners to rent out the basement in order to help pay their mortgages. Despite the financial benefit to this, the tenant-landlord relationship is notorious for being a complicated one, leaving many potential landlords asking themselves, is it even worth it? Take a look at these 7 tips to see how you can better coexist with your basement... [read more]


Tuesday Oct 03rd, 2017


Planning The Perfect Kitchen Herb Garden As the days are growing shorter and the weather is starting to cool down, gardening season is coming to a close…or so you thought. Planting an indoor herb garden in the kitchen is the perfect way to enjoy fresh herbs all winter long, while also brightening up your dark home with some lush greenery. Research proves that gardening is beneficial to your health as it lowers the risk of heart disease and diabetes, strengthens your bones,... [read more]


Wednesday Sep 27th, 2017


How To Get The Most Out Of Your House Cleaning Company Everyone wants a clean, comfortable living space, but there are better ways to spend your spare time than dusting and mopping. It’s no wonder so many people hire a house cleaning company to handle their dirty work! Between managing work, family time, and maintaining a social life, housework is bound to fall off the radar on occasion. We’ve all been there. That said, time is money. So, if you choose to hire a house... [read more]


Tuesday Sep 19th, 2017


How To Prioritize Your House Renovation Wish List When it comes to renovations, there’s always something that could use an update. Even if you’ve already renovated your home from top to bottom, by the time you finish your final room the first one may already be starting to look a little too old fashioned for your liking. If you’ve got a real fixer-upper on your hands, prioritizing your renovation to-do list is even more daunting. Whether it’s the orange... [read more]


Tuesday Sep 12th, 2017


Cottage Closing Checklist Once again summer has come and gone and now it’s time to head up to the cottage for one final weekend of fun. While you’re up there soaking up as much summer as you can, it’s important to prepare your cottage (or cabin, depending where you’re from) for the coming cooler months. Take some extra time now to properly close your cottage, your future self will thank you! Kitchen Cupboards & Fridge Remove all food from kitchen... [read more]


Tuesday Sep 05th, 2017


How To Help Your Contractor We’ve all been in situations where someone who is trying to help is actually making things more difficult. You know they’re just trying to be nice, but it’s hard to tell them to stop. Have you ever stopped to think that this is exactly what your contractor is going through while you’re trying to “help” them drill holes or put up drywall? We hate to admit it, but sometimes you’re doing more harm to your home than you... [read more]


Tuesday Aug 29th, 2017


7 Ways To Upgrade Your Boring Ceiling The ceiling tends to be a part of a home that is overlooked and underappreciated as many do not know what to do with it. We are here to show you that things are looking up! Skylights Skylights are the perfect way to bring the outdoors inside. Adding one to your home is not only a stylistic move, but also a practical and environmental one. A 2014 study proved that by adding vented skylights to your home, you will save on energy costs when... [read more]


Tuesday Aug 22nd, 2017


How To Be A Good Neighbour During A Reno Undertaking any kind of home renovation is a daunting task. While you’re focused on the disarray inside your home, your neighbours are focused on the activity outside and how it’s going to affect them. Keeping the peace in the neighbourhood is up to you, and while it may seem like an even bigger task than the reno, it’s worth the extra effort. Follow these steps to ensure your reno goes as smoothly as possible. 4 Steps To... [read more]


Tuesday Aug 15th, 2017


6 Backsplash Ideas That Aren’t Tile Tile seems to be the conventional choice when it comes to kitchen backsplashes (especially subway tile). It looks great and is very practical, but so are many other materials. Bored of the whole tile trend? Keep reading to see some stylish alternatives. Wood Adding a wooden backsplash gives the kitchen a rustic and comfy feeling like none other. Some paint the wood, some refinish it, and some leave it as is, but regardless it is a... [read more]


Wednesday Aug 09th, 2017


Choosing Practical Paint Colours Giving a room a fresh coat of paint is an easy and cost-effective way to totally transform the space. If you’re thinking of trying a new colour for your walls, there are a couple things to consider before you can sit back and enjoy the new space. Once you find the right company for the job (trust us, you may think you’re up to repainting your entire living room, but after one wall you’ll have wished you hired someone from the start),... [read more]


Tuesday Aug 01st, 2017


How To Clean A Grill With Everyday Household Items One of the joys of barbecuing is how simple its components are. All you need are a flame, grill and some meat or vegetables, and you’re all set for the perfect summer meal. To ensure your food tastes its best, it’s important to regularly clean your barbecue grill so that food debris from past cookouts don’t affect your meal. Sure, you may brush the grill to get rid of large leftovers when you’re done for the... [read more]

Paint Colour Trends

Tuesday Jul 25th, 2017


6 Eye-Catching Exterior Paint Trends For 2017 First impressions are everything, and your exterior paint colour can really set the tone for what the rest of the house is going to look like. By updating your home’s exterior, you can create undeniable curb appeal that lasts for years to come. There is no doubt that painting your entire home’s exterior is intimidating and that is why we are here to help you make the right decision. A few things to keep in mind before... [read more]


Monday Jul 17th, 2017


Salt Water Pools vs. Chlorine Pools Benefits If you’re reading this article, then you’re probably thinking about switching your chlorine pool to a salt water pool. Salt water pools have gained popularity because of the idea that they don’t contain chlorine. Maybe you or a family member is allergic to chlorine, or you’ve been hearing about the benefits of a salt water pool and are ready to make the change. Before you switch over to salt, we’ve got some... [read more]


Wednesday Jul 12th, 2017


The Best Ways To Incorporate Concrete In Your Home Gone are the days where concrete was reserved for drab, industrial spaces. Now it is a huge trend and is being introduced in many creative ways throughout the home. Not only does concrete look great, but it is also extremely durable, versatile, and affordable, so how could you go wrong? Kitchen Countertops This is one of the most popular ways that people are bringing concrete into their homes as it is a material that wears... [read more]


Tuesday Jul 04th, 2017


Should You Stay In The House Or Move Out During A Major Renovation? The plans and budgets are set, the materials and appliances have been ordered, and the required permits are in place.  D-Day (or Demolition Day) is fast approaching.  What should you do to prepare for the huge disruption it will cause? This article will cover major renovations where you’ve decided to move out for a while to give your reno crew some much-needed breathing room. Should I Stay or Should... [read more]


Wednesday Jun 28th, 2017


The Latest Wallpaper Trends There has been talk of wallpaper making a comeback within the last few years, and I think we can now confidently say it is back and better than ever. What was once a longtime design taboo is now the go-to home decor trend to use as a way to dramatically transform any room. Wallpaper used to be infamously known as a struggle to install and remove, but thanks to recent technology that is no longer the case. Faux Brick Exposed brick walls are a... [read more]


Tuesday Jun 20th, 2017


Salt Water Pools vs. Chlorine Pools Benefits If you’re reading this article, then you’re probably thinking about switching your chlorine pool to a salt water pool. Salt water pools have gained popularity because of the idea that they don’t contain chlorine. Maybe you or a family member is allergic to chlorine, or you’ve been hearing about the benefits of a salt water pool and are ready to make the change. Before you switch over to salt, we’ve got some... [read more]


Wednesday Jun 14th, 2017


When decorating a home, style is definitely a top priority. Despite that, there are many trendy interior features that look great in photos, but in reality are a real pain in the behind. Take a look at this list to see the fads that are better left on the blogs, than in your home. Stainless Steel Countertops   Although this surface tends to give off an industrial and carefree vibe, it is really quite the opposite. Not only is stainless steel very expensive to install, but it is also... [read more]


Tuesday Jun 06th, 2017


Why Older Homes Need A Designated Substance Survey Before Renovating Anyone who has lived through a renovation can attest to the amount of fine dust created during demolition.  In older homes, especially those built before 1980, there is a chance that dust may contain hazardous substances like asbestos, which can threaten the health of your family and the contractors who are working there.   Most homeowners, and even some contractors, are unaware of the potential liability... [read more]


Tuesday May 30th, 2017


Building An Inspiring Dog Or Cat Run Pets thrive in outdoor living environments just as we do. What better way to show we care – and also protect the investment we make in our landscaping – than by creating a pet-friendly outdoor living space. A run will ensure that your backyard does not become a pet washroom and yet will allow you to give your pets the fresh air, exercise and safety they need, without having to fence in your backyard. Also, enclosing cats in a run is a... [read more]


Wednesday May 24th, 2017


How To Remove, Clean & Store A Swimming Pool Cover There’s nothing that signals the beginning of summer quite like opening up your pool. Before you can take your first dip, however, there’s an important first step: removing your swimming pool cover. With high-quality pool covers pricing ranging anywhere from $800 to $1,400, you’re going to want to make sure that you remove and care for yours properly. In this tutorial, we’ll go over how to remove your swimming... [read more]


Wednesday May 17th, 2017


What Word Do You Use For A Country Weekend Summer House? A long weekend is the perfect time to get away to the cottage — if that’s what you call a “house in the country where people go on summer weekends.” When Charles Boberg from McGill University conducted a nationwide study from 1999-2005 asking 1,800 Canadians to list the term they use to define that very phrase, there was a clear difference in what word respondents used based on where they live in the... [read more]


Wednesday May 10th, 2017


When & How To Paint Your House Exterior There’s something about a new season that calls for change. Whether that’s switching up the decor in your house or a new haircut, there’s no denying change is good. If you’re looking to make a big change to your home, why not give it a new coat of paint? Painting your home a fresh new colour is a great way to add value and curb appeal. Painting is also inexpensive compared completely redoing the siding and also helps... [read more]


Tuesday May 02nd, 2017


Play With Creating A Fun, Kid-Friendly Backyard Backyard season is coming up and what better to keep your kids enjoying the splendid outdoors than a backyard made for kid fun. You don’t need a lot of space, and in many cases, you don’t need a lot of money to make a super fun backyard. Playsets The classic backyard playset still works great to keep little ones outside and having fun in the backyard. If you do have some extra cash to create an extra-special playset, your... [read more]


Wednesday Apr 26th, 2017


Shining a Light on Home Electrical Wiring To most homeowners, electrical wiring is a mystery. Wiring is ‘out of sight, out of mind’ – hidden behind walls, light switches and receptacles throughout your home. When something goes wrong, most are a bit intimidated, which is a good thing, since amateur wiring can be a safety hazard and even cause a fire. Get the lowdown on the basics a homeowner needs to know and why they should not DIY their own electrical... [read more]


Wednesday Apr 19th, 2017


Reorganizing And Reimagining Your Garage It’s the time of year when we start to think of shining the light on all corners of our home. Spring brings the opportunity to renew and refresh, to organize and cultivate. Often ignored, garages tend to be that place where we put stuff that we don’t want in the house. And sometimes we put our cars in the garage as well. If well organized, the garage can become a practical, tidy and clean environment in which to store and organize... [read more]


Wednesday Apr 19th, 2017


Eco-Friendly Apartment & Condo Living   If you’re looking to go green in your apartment or condo, you might find it more difficult than your friends living in houses. While they can add solar panels to their roofs and grow their own vegetables in backyard gardens, you might feel like there are fewer options for your smaller space. Fear not, size doesn’t matter when it comes to going green and there are many things apartment and condo dwellers can do to reduce their... [read more]


Sunday Apr 16th, 2017


Pick a Side — Siding Options for Your Home Is it time to give your home exterior a refresh? If so, new siding is an easy way to totally transform the look of your home without moving. Deciding on new siding for your home involves more than picking a colour and finding what looks good. While personal style will always sway your choice, key factors such as durability, environmental impact, and upkeep should be considered before you give the go ahead. I’ve looked at the 5 most... [read more]


Tuesday Apr 04th, 2017


  Big Impact Outdoors   To create a feeling of a large spacious areas in a small yard, consider creating distinct garden areas or focal points. You might think that keeping a small yard open and loosely planned would make your garden appear bigger. In fact, the opposite is true.  Vertical gardening in a small yard is a valuable way to gain space with the addition of a trellis to better define the area,or pot hangers.   Some ideas to help you when... [read more]


Tuesday Mar 28th, 2017


Door Colours And Their Meaning Colour is a powerful visual tool for expressing a wide range of emotions and impressions. As such, the colour and design of your front door deserves careful consideration. If you’ve been thinking of painting your front door, here’s the meaning of different coloured doors, and what the colour might project about your personality. Red Door A red door traditionally conveys a home that is welcoming and warm for both strangers and family.... [read more]


Tuesday Mar 21st, 2017


Spring Cleaning Checklist March 20th marks the first official day of spring, which means you’ve got to get ready for spring cleaning. It’s always good to be prepared, so this year instead of scrambling once the first sight of spring is here, start booking your spring time jobs now. Closet & Storage Solutions: The first place to start spring cleaning: your closet. An easy first step that’s sure to make a big impact. Put away those heavy and bulky winter... [read more]

Interior Doors

Wednesday Mar 15th, 2017


Interior Doors Interior doors serve numerous functions and can also be a strong design statement in your home. The type of door you choose will often be dictated by the space and budget you have. Even the smallest budget can still inject style into a space, so let’s explore the options. Flush Doors   Flush doors come in two versions –  hollow or solid construction. When closed, a flush door of solid construction keeps more noise out of a room than one with a... [read more]

Home Security

Sunday Mar 12th, 2017


Hone Safety With March Break here, the security of your home is at an all-time high. Breaks ins are common around times when many families will be taking time off to enjoy sunnier destinations. Your home’s security should always be a top priority, so we’ve put together some easy tips to make sure your home is protected whether you’re away on vacation or just out for the day. Alarm systems: For those in houses, this is often the first step towards a more secure... [read more]

Spring Flooding

Wednesday Mar 01st, 2017


Basement Waterproofing to Protect Your Home With Spring just around the corner and spring showers in the forecast, we should give some thought to basement flooding. Effective basement waterproofing is essential for the health of your home and your family. Without it, rainwater and/or sewage can wreak havoc in two very different ways: 1) A flood is an emergency that must be fixed ASAP as it can cause immediate property damage to fixtures and furniture, or even a fire caused by an... [read more]

Bathroom reno Q&A

Friday Feb 24th, 2017


Bathroom Reno Q&A Thinking of starting a bathroom renovation? There’s a lot more to consider than just what kind of tile and sink to pick out. 1. What should homeowners know or consider before starting their bathroom renovation? Initially, you should assess if you really “know your style.”  Make sure you get an idea and awareness of the style that you like. Look for various ideas and pictures online and then share them with your renovator. If more than... [read more]

New Fireplace?

Tuesday Feb 14th, 2017


Tis The Season To Get The Fireplace You Want And Need   As we descend into the short days of winter, thoughts turn to creating cozy spaces in the home. The Danish call it Hygge. Hygge cannot be translated as a word, rather it is a feeling. It’s the feeling you get when you spend a winter evening at a friends place, laughing, eating, drinking in a cozy atmosphere by the fireplace, with a few candles. Feeling loved and nurtured, protected. Happily cozy. A big part of Hygge... [read more]

Kitchen Rennovations

Thursday Feb 09th, 2017


Kitchen Renovation Checklist – Planning The Reno Ah, the joys of a kitchen renovation! The truth is, most of us plan the kitchen of our dreams for years. If you’re lucky enough to be building your dream kitchen or even if it’s not quite your dream, but pretty great anyway, you’ll want to use my handy checklist to help keep your renovation in order. Breaking your planning up into two phases is not a bad idea. Phase 1 is generally the planning part of your... [read more]

Get Cookin'

Wednesday Feb 01st, 2017


Get Cookin’ with the Best Stove for Your Home If you’re in the process of designing your dream kitchen or just looking to update your current one, then you’ve probably been thinking alot about what kind of stove to invest in. When it comes to choosing the right stove for you, there are 3 main factors to consider: What you’re used to, what hook up is currently in your kitchen and what type/how much cooking you like to do. To aid you in your research, I’ve broken... [read more]

Choosing the right backsplash

Friday Jan 27th, 2017


4 Things to Consider When Choosing Your New Backsplash Kitchen backsplashes are definitely having a moment and are now a key design feature of any modern kitchen. With so many choices out there, how do you choose the best option for your needs, and most importantly – your desires? Take into consideration the following when making a decision about what kind of backsplash to go with. 1. Budget Your budget will very much determine the kind of backsplash you can afford. If you are... [read more]

New Year New Resolutions

Tuesday Jan 17th, 2017


New Year, New Home – Resolutions for 2017 Every new year starts the same, we wake up on January 1st and make ambitious resolutions and promise we’ll actually stick to them this year (not like last year!). This year instead of making personal goals, like going to the gym 5 days a week and feeling bad when you don’t keep them, try making resolutions for your home. We’ve put together a list of 7 attainable home resolutions you can achieve this year and feel good about... [read more]

Do it Yourself Move

Thursday Jan 12th, 2017


Do-It-Yourself Moving Tips As you can probably imagine, there’s more to moving than simply renting a van and asking some friends to help you. So, if you are going to forgo hiring a professional mover here are some DIY tips worth considering; Be sure to rent a van that is large enough. According to moveinside.com, you will need a 20 ft. van to haul the furnishings of an average home with 2-3 bedrooms. Be careful when informally ‘hiring’ someone. You might think that... [read more]

Home Heating

Tuesday Dec 13th, 2016


Home Heating Systems – Which is Best for You? Winter has arrived!  … is your home heating system up to the task? When selecting an appropriate home heating system, either for a new home or as a replacement, it helps to have a basic understanding of the different types of systems, their efficiency ratings and long-term costs (installation plus annual operating costs). If your existing system is over 20 years old, you may be spending a lot to keep it running –... [read more]