Tuesday Nov 14th, 2017


Daylight Savings Lighting Solutions

Even though Daylight Savings happens around the same time every year, we always seem to be caught off guard by it. More than just changing the clocks, Daylight Savings can have a strong effect on our daily lives. While the extra hour of sleep is something almost everyone can benefit from, it’s a lot to trade for the decrease in sunlight we see each day. If you’re looking for ways to brighten up your home, try these Daylight Savings lighting solutions.

Outside Your Home

Before you can start brightening up your home, it’s important that you can see to actually get inside. People who work traditional office hours will most likely be leaving and coming home from work in the dark. To make it to and from your house with ease, consider illuminating your walkway with Solar-powered LED walkway lights. Easy to install and maintain, these lights only require the sun to power on. They adjust to the light outside and only turn on when necessary, making them cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Inside Your Home

Turning our attention inside the home, the easiest way to combat the darkness of Daylight Savings is to use automatic timers in your home. Not only are timers great for making it looks like someone’s home when you’re not, they can also greatly benefit your home during the darker months. From coming home at night to waking up in the morning, timers on your lights can ensure that your home always looks like it’s illuminated no matter what time it is.

Hallways & Stairs

There are many areas that have low visibility even on the sunniest of days. When it comes to illuminating your hallways and stairs, rope lighting can be very useful and aid in less stubbed toes and bumping into walls during morning grogginess. Adding rope lights to your stairs can be a DIY job for those who have home project experience or you could always call in a handyman to help you out with this project.

To better illuminate your hallways, motion sensor lights or rope lights can be used depending on your preference. Motion sensor lights are great for lighting your way as you walk but can be invasive to those still asleep with their doors open. To avoid the annoyance of the constant on and off,  use rope lights instead. Add them along the baseboards to gently light your way when walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night.


Speaking of the bathroom, we can all agree that the moment you turn on a bright overhead light when you’ve just come from the warm darkness of your bedroom is an unpleasant experience that happens most mornings. To avoid the shock that comes with this, try adding an amber coloured night light to your bathroom. Amber lights are thought to be less disruptive to our eyes than blue or yellow lights. They also won’t wake you up as much during late night visits, helping you get back to sleep faster and enjoy that extra hour of rest.


One of the hardest parts of adjusting to DSL is waking up in the still dark morning. For those of us not used to waking up in the dark, a wake-up light therapy alarm clock might be just what you’re looking for. There are different models of these alarm clocks, but their primary function is to gently wake you up with light like you naturally would with the sun. These sunrise clocks help you wake up naturally and in a less stressful environment than a blaring beeping from your phone or traditional alarm clock. Who wouldn’t like to fight off the winter blues with a sunny wake-up call every morning?

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