Do it Yourself Move

Thursday Jan 12th, 2017


Do-It-Yourself Moving Tips

As you can probably imagine, there’s more to moving than simply renting a van and asking some friends to help you. So, if you are going to forgo hiring a professional mover here are some DIY tips worth considering;

Be sure to rent a van that is large enough. According to, you will need a 20 ft. van to haul the furnishings of an average home with 2-3 bedrooms. Be careful when informally ‘hiring’ someone. You might think that paying a few bucks to a neighbour’s teenaged son won’t get you in trouble

But, if he stumbles while carrying a box and gets injured, you might face fines and other liabilities.  If possible, move heavy items such as sofas to the main floor or garage the day before.  This will save time as they will likely need to go on the truck first.  Call all your helpers the day before to confirm they will be arriving.

Make sure you have all the moving tools and materials you need, such as straps, boxes, blankets, etc.  Have at least one-heavy-duty dolly (which can be rented).

Do-it-yourself moving is less expensive, but obviously it’s a lot more work. However, with a little planning your moving day should go smoothly.

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