Thursday Aug 15th, 2019


6 Backsplash Ideas That Aren’t Tile

Tile seems to be the conventional choice when it comes to kitchen backsplashes (especially subway tile). It looks great and is very practical, but so are many other materials.

Bored of the whole tile trend? Keep reading to see some stylish alternatives.


Adding a wooden backsplash gives the kitchen a rustic and comfy feeling like none other. Some paint the wood, some refinish it, and some leave it as is, but regardless it is a beautiful addition to the kitchen.


Mirrored backsplashes are the perfect way to add the illusion of space in a tiny kitchen as they work to bounce around light. Traditional mirrors can be used, but many also choose to antique the mirror, giving it a more rustic and worn look.

Stainless Steel

Into the industrial look? This is the backsplash for you! Not only does it look good, it is also uber practical as it can be cleaned easily, and can withstand high heat. If you are looking for a little bit more detail, you can get sheets of metal that have been hammered.


No other material exudes a modern flare like glass does. It can be leaded, frosted, or opaque, leaving you with numerous options. Our favorite? Using a sheet of glass over wallpaper.


Out of all 6 materials, marble is probably the most expensive and most difficult to maintain, but it looks darn good! Marble is more frequently used for countertops, but when also used as the backsplash the kitchen oozes luxury. 


Adding exposed brick walls in the home has become a huge trend within the last few years, so it makes sense that the trend would extend to the kitchen backsplash. Whether the colour brick has been painted or left as is, it ensures a homey vibe.


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