Tuesday Apr 04th, 2017


Container garden


Big Impact Outdoors


To create a feeling of a large spacious areas in a small yard, consider creating distinct garden areas or focal points. You might think that keeping a small yard open and loosely planned would make your garden appear bigger. In fact, the opposite is true.  Vertical gardening in a small yard is a valuable way to gain space with the addition of a trellis to better define the area,or pot hangers.


Some ideas to help you when planning your small outdoor space are creating an ornamental border along the street that will draw attention to your home while adding curb appeal.     

An entry garden welcomes visitors to your home, while a cozy patio area for dining surrounded by planters layered with colourful perennials or annuals will add to the appeal of your backyard.  


Rock Garden Designs | RockConsider hanging vintage mirrors on your fence so they reflect the surrounding greenery.


According to Stephen H. Wiodarczyk landscape architect of Botanical Decorators, he recommends homeowners proportion how much landscape they need for dining or sitting, versus softscape, which contributes to the colour and softness, but requires more maintenance.  He suggests choosing colour wisely. White planters with grey tones offers many advantages for contrast. A white palette is easier to spot at dusk and night. Dark colours tend to blend into the space    


All of these small improvements will make your home more appealing when it comes time to sell.

If you are like most homeowners, you think of two things:

How much is my home worth, and what can I do to improve its value? Boosting your home’s Curb appeal is not just the concern of sellers. Every homeowner feels a sense of pride and effort into maintaining the curb appeal of their homes. Since most people will only see your home from the outside, how well your property shows from the outside will inspire people to want to see the inside.  Creating  wonderful inviting outdoor areas with attractive night lighting can create a modern, chic look for your garden.  Make the most of your small space garden.


Happy Gardening.


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