Thursday Aug 01st, 2019


What To Do If Your Air Conditioner Breaks Down

Anyone who has dealt with a broken air conditioner will tell you that it can get very uncomfortable, very fast. If you find yourself in this situation, you’ll want to know what steps to take. If your air conditioning breaks down this summer, stay calm, cool and collected using these tips.

1. Troubleshoot

Once you notice that your air conditioner is conked out, your first step is to troubleshoot. Even though you probably don’t have the skillset of a pro, there are a few simple checks you can do on your own to determine why your air conditioner isn’t doing its job.


First, you should figure out whether it’s your thermostat having issues or your unit itself. Try resetting your thermostat and then do the same with your unit. If one is functioning normally and the other is not, then you will know the source of your issue.

Circuit Breaker

If you discover that it’s your unit that is malfunctioning, your next step is to have a look at your circuit breaker. On hot days, your air conditioner can use enough power to overwhelm your circuit, which will trip your circuit breaker and shut off power to your unit. If your circuit is switched on, you’ll need to call in a pro to diagnose the issue.

Other Issues

If you don’t notice an issue with the thermostat or your circuit breaker, you may be dealing with electrical or water damage. Check the area around your unit for water or smoke. If you notice either, get in touch with an expert as soon as possible. If you don’t see any evidence of these issues, try and recall if you noticed any of these 6 signs your unit was in trouble to help narrow down what’s causing the problem.

2. Call a Pro

Depending on the result of your short investigation, it might be time to call a pro. Air conditioners are expensive, and the last thing you want to do is cause more damage to your unit. A specialist will be able to accurately diagnose the issue and identify the most cost-effective way to resolve it.

3. Stay Cool

Once you’ve connected with a heating and cooling specialist, it’s time to focus on keeping cool while you wait for your scheduled appointment. The following tips will help keep your home as cool as possible without the help of your air conditioner.

Close Your Windows

Surprisingly, open windows don’t actually bring down the temperature in your home. In fact, they actually have the opposite effect – they let hot air inside and make your home even more hot. The best course of action is to keep your windows and blinds shut until the sun has set.

Keep Your Freezer Shut

After a day in the heat, it can be tempting to open your fridge and freezer to try and cool yourself off. In reality, this will just force your fridge to work harder to maintain its temperature, using more power and making your home warmer. Instead, set your ceiling fan to turn in a counterclockwise motion, which will help keep cool air circulating.

Avoid Heat-Emitting Devices

Our final piece of advice is to avoid using your stove, oven, dishwasher and dryer. In these circumstances, the barbecue is your best friend. If you need to use any of these appliances, wait until the sun has set to reduce their effect on the temperature of your home.


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