Friday Nov 15th, 2019


How to Safely Get Rid of Your Old Electronic

Electronic devices like computers and televisions are among the most prized possessions we have in our homes; unfortunately, they are also the worst things that we can send to landfills. These devices contain materials that do not break down easily and chemicals that over time pollute our air and water.

That’s why it’s so important to help the environment by properly disposing of these devices. Depending on the state of the device, there are lots of options for you to choose from. Read on to see how you can do your part and responsibly get rid of your old electronics.

Functioning Electronics

If you’re simply upgrading or no longer use a device but it still works great, there’s a good chance that someone else wants it. The best way to divert an electronic device is by getting it into the hands of someone else. Not only does this mean that it won’t be sent to a landfill; it also means that one less device will need to be manufactured and eventually thrown out when that person is finished with it.

Donate It

The quickest way to be finished with the device is by donating it. Start off by asking your friends and family if they have any use for it. In many cases, someone will gladly take it off your hands.

Not having any luck with your immediate circle? Bring the device to a thrift store or an organization like Salvation Army. They will easily find someone who will be thrilled to have your device, and if not, some organizations will know how to properly dispose of it.

Trade It

Willing to put in a little more work? Find someone who would like your old device in exchange for something of theirs that you could use. Online communities like Bunz are a fun way to post what you don’t want anymore and see what other people come back with. You could end up with a guitar, Happy Days lunch box or pinball machine… part of the fun is the unpredictability of what others in your community happen to be getting rid of at that moment in time.

Sell It

Help pay off a new device by selling your old one. Sites like Kijiji, Craigslist or Facebook’s Marketplace allow you to post your item, set a price and then negotiate with local buyers to negotiate a sale. Just be careful when meeting up with a potential buyer by always meeting in a public location and only accepting cash.

Broken or Unwanted Electronics

When your device can’t be used anymore, resist the temptation to throw it into your trash bin. Instead, choose from one of the following options to make sure it’s properly disposed of.

Curbside Collection

Depending on your municipality, your city may have a program for curbside collection of electronic waste. In Toronto, for example, a second truck will come by your home after your garbage bin is serviced, which will then pick up electronic items and bring them to a facility for proper processing and divert them from landfills.

Drop It Off

Many stores have electronics recycling programs where you can drop off your old electronics and leave it to them to handle the processing. You can easily find the locations closest to you on recyclemyelectronics.ca.

Schedule a Pick-Up

Many junk removal companies will sort through your unwanted items and divert them to the right places. Whether it gets donated to someone in need or recycling components of your device, some of these companies will ensure that your electronics will get properly recovered, refurbished or reused. Find a junk removal company in your area today!

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