Thursday Aug 29th, 2019


How To Be A Good Neighbour During A Reno

Undertaking any kind of home renovation is a daunting task. While you’re focused on the disarray inside your home, your neighbours are focused on the activity outside and how it’s going to affect them.

Keeping the peace in the neighbourhood is up to you, and while it may seem like an even bigger task than the reno, it’s worth the extra effort. Follow these steps to ensure your reno goes as smoothly as possible.

4 Steps To Be a Good Neighbour During A Reno
Advanced Warning

Give your neighbours fair warning that you’re having work done, especially if that work will be taking place outside of your home. Let your neighbours know a few weeks in advance when the work will be taking place so they’re not surprised when trucks start rolling up to your property. It’s also a good idea to let them know the names of the companies you will be working with, what hours they’ll be working, and roughly how many people will be there, so they know who and what to expect.


You know your schedule, you know when the company is scheduled to arrive – but do you know your neighbours? If you live quite close to your neighbours, say in a semi-detached home, it’s a good idea to consult their daily schedule and know when they’ll be home. Maybe they work from home and will need to make other arrangements while you tear out your kitchen. Think about how an unexpected renovation would disrupt your day and give your neighbours the curiosity of checking in with them first before you schedule big and noisy jobs.

Set Boundaries

To avoid unhappy neighbours, make sure you set boundaries with the company first. Let the work crew know where they can park and if it’s alright to use your neighbour’s driveway. Make sure you have designated trash cans for any personal garbage the workers might produce (think food wrappers and water bottles), and that their tools and materials are not scattered on neighbouring lawns.

Keep Communication Open

Like any relationship, communication is key. Make sure your neighbours know they can come to you if they are having any issues with the company doing work on your home. It’s a good idea to give them your number or email (if you haven’t already) and encourage them to contact you first. Issues between your neighbours and the companies you’ve hired will make your renovation unpleasant for everyone. Avoid this by making sure you are the contact person between the two. You wouldn’t want your project to go unfinished because of issues between your company and your neighbours.

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