Monday Dec 23rd, 2019


Small Space Party Planning

This time of year means packed schedules full of seeing family and friends at different occasions. With all the hustle and bustle going on, it’s likely you will be hosting something at your home this holiday season. While we all don’t have ample space for entertaining in our homes, it’s still possible to throw a festive and fun shin dig that doesn’t cramp everyone’s style.

Plan The Right Party

A bachelor apartment is not be the best choice for a 25 people sit down dinner, but just because you’re tight on space doesn’t mean you can’t have people over. Take a walk through your home and really think about how many people you can comfortably fit inside. This will help dictate the type of party you will plan.

Smaller homes are better suited to smaller gatherings, so consider throwing a cocktail or intimate dinner party. The point is to get people together and enjoy each other’s company, not to get as many people inside as possible. Take the time to make a thoughtful guestlist. If you can only invite 8 people, make sure those 8 people will get along so everyone will have an enjoyable time.

Prepare Your Place

Now that you know what kind of party your home can handle, it’s time to prepare for it. Begin by decluttering. Remove anything from table tops that isn’t relevant to the party. Store your decorative coffee table books, candles and other tchotchkes away for the evening. They don’t have to be organized, put them in a box under your bed to get them out of the way for now.

Make sure you clear off your kitchen countertops as this is valuable party real estate. Put away personal items and remove your countertop appliances. No one will know a juicer and a toaster is hidden in your linen closet except you.

Your place doesn’t have to be spotless, you are about to have a bunch of people over who are sure to make a mess. Do take the time to wipe down surfaces, clean your bathroom and do a quick sweep of the floor. If you have pets that tend to shed, vacuum and lint roll the couch. You may not mind Fluffy’s fur on your pants but your guests might.

Get Creative With What You Have

When you’re tight on space you need to get creative. Clear off a shelf on a bookcase and use it as a makeshift bar or store appetizers on trays placed in a windowsill. Anything that has a flat surface can be used to hold something so put your surfaces to work at your party.

Another great way to get creative is to think vertically. Serve food on tiered trays and risers. Not only does this help make your home look party ready, it also saves you valuable space. You can also think vertically by taking advantage of wall space for decorations. Use banners, streamers, and garlands to jazz up your home.

Don’t be afraid to move things from room to room and repurpose items. If your dining room table takes up too much space in the kitchen, move it to the living room, push it against a wall and use it as a buffet table. You can also remove items that will get in the way to other rooms or perhaps store them at a friendly neighbour’s for the night. No space in the fridge for drinks? Fill your sink (or bathtub!) with ice and use it as a cooler. There are no rules when it comes to a small space party.

Set The Mood

Now that your home is ready for guests, there are a couple of things to consider the night of. Make sure you have a way of keeping your home’s temperature comfortable. No one wants to be at an uncomfortably hot party. Open your windows and consider having a fan in the kitchen if you can afford the space.

Music always gets a party started. Create a playlist that goes along with the night. Think about what activities you have in store and try to match them with the music. With so many online options for music these days, consider including a link to party playlist in your invite. This way your guests can add the songs they want to hear.

Have a designated space for coats and bags. Whether that’s your bed or a rented coat rack, make sure there’s a spot where people can drop off their items. If it’s not freezing and snowy where you live, take advantage of outdoor space and keep coats outside on a deck or porch.

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