Wednesday Oct 24th, 2018


5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Front Door

There’s a difference between wanting a new front door and needing one. Installing a new front door is a great way to increase your curb appeal and your home’s value, especially if you’re getting ready to sell. Aside from aesthetic reasons, there are many practical reasons homeowners across Canada will be updating their front doors this fall. With the cool autumn air blowing in, now is the perfect time to ensure your doors are both energy efficient and secure. Here are 5 signs that it’s time to replace your front door.

1. Wasted Energy

Do you exert more energy trying to open your door than you do once you’re outside? If so, this is a clear sign it’s time for a new door. The reason your door is sticking and hard to open could be due to a number of issues. The weather stripping may have worn down, causing your door to become unaligned with the frame. It could be something as simple as the door coming off its hinges. Or it could be that when the weather changes, our doors begin to contract and expand, causing them to shift.

The constant shifting of our doors can also throw off the alignment and create gaps where air can flow through. Not only is a difficult door an inconvenience, but it’s also losing you money. This means that even while your door is closed, you’re losing hot air in your home, and increasing your energy bill.

If you’re concerned about the amount of air that could be potentially slipping away around your front door, there’s an easy way to check. You can use a lighter or a candle to see where the air is escaping. Hold the flame close to the door and move it around the frame. If the flame begins to flicker or look like it’s being pulled outside, you’ve got an air leak. Not only will this increase your energy bill, but it will also make your home feel colder.

If you can’t seem to find a leak, be sure to check the bottom of your door as well. It’s possible that the threshold has come loose and is letting air in. This is a simple fix that a door specialist or handyman can perform for you. You can also ask them to check the quality of your weather stripping and replace any bits that may have worn away over the years.

2. Moisture, Mold & Mildew

You probably never thought you could have mold and mildew issues with your door, but it can happen. If your front door has double-paned glass in it, it’s at risk of developing moisture issues over time. Just like windows with double-paned glass, over time the seal between these panes will break down. When this happens there is the potential mold and mildew will develop.

If you notice this has become a problem with your front door, it needs to be addressed as soon as possible, especially if you have a wooden door. Up until the past 10 years, most residential doors have been built with a wooden frame or core. Because wood is an organic material, mold and mildew will spread quickly. If you don’t want to replace your door completely, you can opt for mold remediation with a mold removal specialist. Keep in mind that it may be easier to replace the door, but you do have the option to try and save your current door.

3. Seen Better Days

The odd scrape and scuff marks will happen over time. A door covered in scratches, dings, and rust shows that the structural integrity of the door may be compromised. Rust is also a sign that there is a moisture problem, likely coming from the wooden core inside your door. If your door looks beat up and structurally unsound, this could make it quite attractive to a burglar.

Take a look at your door and consider how easy it would be for you (or someone else) to kick it down. If you have any concerns about the safety of your door, it’s best to speak to a professional who can recommend some options. If your door looks like it’s seen better days, it’s worth it to replace it to keep unwanted company from entering your house.

4. Weathered & Warped

From being slammed shut, kicked open, and exposed to extreme weather all year long, your front door takes a lot of abuse. Front doors that have been through many hot summers and cold winters have been contracting and expanding for years. This can cause the wood to warp and crack. This damage can lead to exposed gaps for air to leak through and cause more problems.

Beyond energy efficiency and security, coming home to an ugly and worn looking front door is not a pleasant experience. If your old front door is starting to look a little worse for wear, consider updating it to something new that can better withstand the weather in your area.

5. Curb Appeal

A beautiful new front door will instantly increase your home’s curb appeal. This is great news for those who are looking to put their home on the market as a new front door also greatly increases your resale value. In fact, replacing your front door is one of the best investments you can make as it increases your energy efficiency while also adding enhanced curb appeal.

Even if you’re not planning on selling anytime soon, you should increase the curb appeal of your home for yourself. Coming home at the end of a long day to a scratched and warped looking door is no way to start your evening. Think how much nicer it would be coming home to a beautiful new door that glides open effortlessly you as you enter your home. As the holidays start to approach and you begin to entertain more, your friends and family will also appreciate the look of your new door when you have them over. If you’re looking to make a statement with your new door, speak to a doors specialist who will be able to help you find a door that looks great with your style of home.

Whether you decide to update your front door for looks, security, or energy efficiency, you can feel good knowing you’ve made a smart investment in your home. Fall is the perfect time to install a new front door because the mostly temperate weather means you do not have to worry about a heat wave or snow storm interfering with your install

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