Saturday Feb 01st, 2020


2020 Bathroom Trends For Every Home

Change is in the air as we welcome in 2020. The start of a new year is the perfect time to move forward with the bathroom renovation you’ve been thinking about for the past decade. To help you stay forward-thinking with your design, we’ve rounded up our favourite trends for 2020 that can work in any home. Use these trends as inspiration to help freshen up your powder room, ensuite or main bathroom this new year.

1. Bathroom Garden

Keeping on trend with the rest of the home, we’re going to see a lot more greenery and plants in bathrooms in 2020. Plants are a great decorative element that help liven up any room. With their wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles, you’re sure to find one to fit your space. The best part about this trend? You don’t need a green thumb to partake. Due to the humid environment, most plants thrive in bathrooms. Embrace the green trend we’re seeing throughout the rest of the home and add a plant or two to your bathroom in 2020.

2. Simple Tiles

In the past, we’ve seen a focus on dramatic and eye-catching tiles. Bold colours, a variety of shapes, and a vertical direction were popular last year. In 2020 bathroom tile will become much more subtle with classic styles and light colours popping up more and more. The one thing setting these simple tiles apart this year? An emphasis on contrasting grout. Go dramatic with white tiles and dark grout or keep it classic, either way, your tiles will be on-trend for 2020.

3. Half Walls

Whether with wood or with tile, going half way up your walls is the in look this year. Traditional wainscotting is back in a big way. The addition of wood wainscotting gives bathrooms a modern farmhouse element that feels new this time around. You can also use tiles to create your wainscotting. Keeping in mind the trending tiles of the moment, your bathroom will still achieve the same classic look that will see your bathroom renovation looks trendy through 2020 and beyond.

4. Vintage Accessories

When it comes to your bathroom mirror, the more ornate the better in 2020. The one trend that will look to the past is mirrors found in vintage shops. Go bold and glamorous with a golden framed mirror that draws inspiration from decades past. Pairing your antique mirror with modern finishes will help it stand out and give it the attention it deserves. If you have a mirror similar to this elsewhere in your home, consider moving it into the bathroom for an easy and quick change.

5. Lighting as Art

Bathrooms can be small spaces, so adding standalone pieces of art is uncommon. A trend that shines a new light on bathroom art is using your lighting as art. This trend picks up on the stacked silhouettes we’re seeing elsewhere in the home and can be applied to your lighting as well. Take advantage of the fact that you need to have lighting in your bathroom and make it double as statement-making art. Whether in pendant or sconce form, try updating your lighting to something a little trendier this year.


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