Wednesday Apr 19th, 2017


Reorganizing And Reimagining Your Garage

It’s the time of year when we start to think of shining the light on all corners of our home. Spring brings the opportunity to renew and refresh, to organize and cultivate.

Often ignored, garages tend to be that place where we put stuff that we don’t want in the house. And sometimes we put our cars in the garage as well. If well organized, the garage can become a practical, tidy and clean environment in which to store and organize the many things required to maintain your home and garden. And in some cases, the garage can become a cool new room you never knew you had but that you now need.

The most difficult task when organizing your garage is one that actually requires no physical effort. This exercise is a mental one, as you will need to cull your belongings and keep what it is you truly need. Be ruthless and avoid the “I may use or need this someday” trap. Here are some useful tips.

If it is broken, can’t be used, or has no value, throw it away;
If you no longer need it, give it away or sell it;
If you need it and use it, give it a good buffing or sharpening and keep it in a well organized space;
Try and get everything off of the floor and on to the walls or ceiling;
Organize your belongings by season, purpose and occasion;
Additionally, if you are thinking of alternative uses for your garage other than sheltering your car, this is a great time to put some of that into action.

We’ve seen garages transformed into some pretty interesting spaces such as a home brewery, mudroom, man cave, game room, gym, home theatre, teenage hang-out room, music studio, home office and so on. It’s not unusual to see homeowners create a new living space out of their garages that they then rent out on sites such as Airbnb if bylaws permit it. If your garage is well-built and insulated, the possibilities are endless.

Best of luck with your garage updating project.

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