Wednesday Feb 14th, 2018


When is Hiring an Interior Designer Worth It?

To hire an interior designer or not to hire an interior designer? This is a common question that many homeowners ask themselves when renovating or redecorating their home. Many have the perception that interior designers are just meant for the rich and famous, when in reality they serve a very practical purpose for everyone. Take a look at these 6 instances if you are a little confused or unsure of when hiring a designer is really worth it.

1) When you are looking to put your home up for sale and increase your property value

Even if you are not planning on putting your house up for sale in the immediate future, an interior designer can create picture perfect living spaces that are bound to get you a serious return on investment. By showcasing the true potential of the space with a more put together aesthetic, it is more likely that your home will spend less time on the market and will go for more money than anticipated.

2) When you are too busy to do it all by yourself

Taking on a home redesign takes a whole lot of time and effort, something that is a luxury for most of us. It is your designer’s full time job to take on your renovation with every and any obstacle that lies in the way. You can carry on with the rest of your life knowing that your interior designer will have it all covered, completely avoiding any headaches.

3) When you are open for suggestions

A lot of people have some sort of idea of what they want their living spaces to look like with particular colours or styles, but they don’t have it all figured out. By giving your interior designer some key ideas of what you are looking for, you can leave them to fill in the blanks with their professional knowledge and advice.

4) When you are looking to save money (in the long run)

Most people do not look to hire an interior designer for their remodels because they believe that they are too expensive, when in reality they will end up saving you money in the long run. You do not have to worry about ordering the wrong materials or the wrong sizes and then having to repurchase everything, or painting the walls the wrong shade of yellow and then having to repaint them 3 additional times. These little mistakes can add up, but hiring an interior designer will allow you to avoid all of these obstacles, and in turn save some money.

5) When you are doing a complete remodel of your home

If you are doing a complete renovation or reconfiguration of your home, it can be difficult as the homeowner to see the potential of the space in a different way. Maybe you are stuck on your current kitchen layout or the house’s floor plan that having an outside, professional opinion can really help you see the space in a completely different light.

6) When you are inexperienced with the renovation process

Many homeowners go into a renovation with little or no experience whatsoever, which can make the process way more difficult than it needs to be. Interior designers have a certain number of contacts for every sort of tradesperson needed for your job so you can rest assured knowing that you won’t be ripped off or lead astray by a contractor. Interior designers know the right questions to ask and the right people to answer them.

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