Monday Nov 04th, 2019


6 Small Decorating Changes That Make A Big Impact At Home

Is your home in major need of an update, but your budget is saying otherwise? Look past the temptation of doing a costly full home renovation, and instead make little updates that can truly go a long way. Here are a few ideas to get you started.
Change Your Doorknobs
The doorknobs both inside and outside of your home are used quite frequently so changing them up can be a significant change. They also have the ability to add a subtle modern or classy flare to any room.

Replace Your Throw Pillows

This change can be make a striking difference in any bedroom or living room, especially if a new pop of colour or pattern is introduced. Throw pillows can be purchased at a very reasonable price, making this an effortless update that can be done relatively frequently.

Line Your Cabinets With Wallpaper

By adding wallpaper to your kitchen cabinets or a china cabinet, it goes from a being a mundane aspect of a room to a showstopping one. If you are just looking to add a little bit of a colour, think of using a single tone wallpaper, but if you are looking to make more a statement, look to use a patterned wallpaper.

Add New Window Treatments

Adding new window treatments can make a big impact in any room, especially if the windows they are being used for are large. Whether you are debating on drapes, roller shades, blinds, or anything in between, it is guaranteed that each will bring a different look to your room.

Swap An Area Rug

Area rugs have such a power to transform any room possible. They add a particular comfy and homey feel that just cannot be attained any other way. Not only this, but they can upgrade your room from a boring one to a stylish and colourful one in just one step. Not sure what size of area rug to get for the size of your room? Read here to find out.

Add a Little Greenery

Houseplants are a great addition to any room as they bring a little bit of the outside indoors. Looking for a little bit more oomph and mystery than what an orchid can give? Think of buying a tree that can grow indoors as they last for years and can really make a statement.


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