Wednesday Jun 28th, 2017


The Latest Wallpaper Trends

There has been talk of wallpaper making a comeback within the last few years, and I think we can now confidently say it is back and better than ever. What was once a longtime design taboo is now the go-to home decor trend to use as a way to dramatically transform any room. Wallpaper used to be infamously known as a struggle to install and remove, but thanks to recent technology that is no longer the case.

Faux Brick

Exposed brick walls are a beautiful addition to any home. They add a sense of timeless, comfort and style to a space that is hard to replicate. Although we all love the real deal, making this improvement with real bricks can be quite expensive and difficult to do. By using faux brick wallpaper, you can achieve the exact same look, with half the money and effort.

All-white, exposed brick walls have been the go-to style this season. It allows for the perfect backdrop for a clean and modern space, but with more character than white paint can provide.


Want to add some drama to a room? Add a panoramic wallpaper mural. This trend really blurs the lines between art and wallpaper. Something that has been particularly popular in this category are murals of natural backgrounds, as a way to bring the outside indoors. This is the perfect resolution to a room that has no windows!


This era of wallpaper is significantly different than ever before because of the move toward bold colours and patterns. Geometric patterns create a strong and stylish statement that would be impossible to accomplish with paint. These patterns are perfect for small spaces (powder rooms, foyers etc.) as they create an illusion of a larger space.

Looking to do something a little different? Add some geometric wallpaper to your ceiling for a show-stopping accent.


Embossed wallpaper is the best way to add an upscale, Victorian look to any space without breaking the bank. It is also the perfect way to hide any imperfections on your walls that paint would otherwise highlight. Not only are people loving this style on their walls, they are also starting to use it as backsplashes, ceilings, and accent pieces.


When most think of floral patterns in the home, they tend to think of their grandmother’s outdated home decor. Not any more!

Floral patterns have been revamped and are currently one of the most stylish ways to decorate your walls. They are now bigger and brighter in every way possible. Plus, flowers are known to trigger happy thoughts for us humans, so why not surround yourself with them?

Faux Wood

Looking to add a beachy, rustic vibe to your home? Look no further — this faux wood wallpaper is all you need. Similar to the faux brick wallpaper, this style allows for a realistic and sophisticated look on a limited budget. Adding wooden elements to your home is always a good call as wood hardly ever goes out of style, unlike just about everything else in this industry.


Silk wallpaper is the epitome of style and elegance. Although not as striking or budget-friendly as some of the other options on the list, this material has a particularly intriguing look. The texture of the silk adds a touch of shine to the walls, while the brush strokes tend to run horizontally, adding an understated paneled effect.

If you are interested in using this wall treatment in your home, do keep in mind that it is best used in living rooms or bedrooms and not in high-use areas, as it tends to be very delicate.

With this wallpaper craze going on, it is clear to see that your very own 4 walls can be turned into a work of art. Out goes the old (bland, boring, single-toned walls), and in goes the new (wallpaper!)

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