Tuesday Mar 19th, 2019


  Spring Cleaning Checklist

It’s always good to be prepared, so this year instead of scrambling once the first sight of spring is here, start booking your spring time jobs now. Closet & Storage Solutions: The first place to start spring cleaning: your closet. An easy first step that’s sure to make a big impact. Put away those heavy and bulky winter items and bring out the lighter and brighter spring pieces. Whether you need someone to help you figure what stays and what goes, or you need a pro to build you the right storage, closet experts can help you finally get that closet organized. These pros can also help when it comes to adding storage and organization to the rest of your home, whether it’s you basement or garage that need some help, book now and start spring freshly organized. Junk Removal: Now that you’ve gone through your closet and home, you’ve probably gathered some items you can kick to the curb. But what to do once all the junk is out of the closet and sitting in your entry way taking up space? The thought of the accumulated junk can stop some people from cleaning all together. But not you! Simply hire a junk removal to come take that old dresser and broken stereo. You’ll feel lighter instantly and won’t have to worry about old couches sitting on your front lawn until who knows when. House/Apartment/Condo Cleaning: Once all the junk has been hauled out and your home is feeling more organized, consider hiring a cleaning company. Have them come once for a thorough clean, or schedule the company to start coming on a regular basis. You’ll save time knowing the cleanliness of your home is in a professional’s hands. Think of all the things you can do with that free time! Carpet Cleaners: Carpets see a lot of foot traffic on a regular basis, but with the winter and holiday season just behind us, they’ve surely seen even more. Just think of all the people you had in and out of your home for parties and get togethers this winter. Who knows what’s now embedded in your carpet fibres. Keep the guess work out of it and simply hire a carpet cleaning company to help make your carpets look and feel fresh and clean again. Alarm System Check-Up: If you haven’t been keeping up, make it a priority this spring to start checking smoke detectors . Safety around the home is important and these easy checks could save your home. Also, make sure to clean the lint trap and vents in your dryer. Lint accumulation causes reduced airflow in dryer vents, and the two combined can create the right conditions for a fire. Be safe and make sure your lint traps and dryer vents are clean after every use. Window & Gutter Cleaning: Windows should be cleaned twice a year, and what better time to do it than now. After a particularly snowy winter, your windows have taken a lot over the past few months. Instead of dreading having to do it yourself, hire a window cleaning company to make them sparkle. While you’re at it, you might as well have those gutters cleaned out too. From falling leaves from the fall to left over snow and ice from winter, your gutters are probably pretty full and that can damage them. Call in a professional and have them cleaned out before those April showers arrive. Exterior Cleaners: Much like your windows and gutters, the exterior of your home gets dirty throughout the winter months. After a heavy winter of snow and rain, you’ll want to refresh the outside of your home to wash away the winter slush. This spring, have your house exterior power washed. It will make a huge difference and you’ll be glad you made the investment. While you’re at it, do a walk around the perimeter of your home and check your foundation and fences after a harsh winter. L

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