Tuesday May 26th, 2020


Finding the Right Fence Style for Your Yard

There are many reasons you build a fence. Sometimes it’s for separation or privacy from your neighbours, sometimes it’s to hide an unsightly view with a nicer one. No matter what your reason for installing a new fence is, there’s one major decision you have to make: what style of fence is right for your yard? Take a look at these popular fence styles to help you narrow down your final choice.


When you’re looking for a basic fence to get the job done, these fences are your best options.

Chain Link

Easily the most economical and functional of all fence styles. A chain link fence is a great option if you’re looking to keep your pets in and your neighbours’ pets out. If you’re concerned about durability or rust, chain link fences can also be installed with a weather resistant vinyl coating.

White Picket

One of the first images that comes to mind when fences are mentioned. A classic in its own right, white picket fences are loved for their simple style and durability. Traditionally made out of wood, modern picket fences are made out of PVC.


Metal fences look great but come with a big price tag. Depending on how big your yard is, a metal fence may end up costing more than you bargained for. Luckily there’s a much cheaper alternative, aluminum! Aluminum is one of the least expensive metals used for fences and is durable and long-lasting.


If you’re looking for a practical way to keep your neighbours’ eyes off your backyard, privacy fences are the way to go.


This privacy fence may cause people to stop and stare, but can you really blame them? Not only does a bamboo privacy fence make your backyard more discrete, it also looks beautiful. Another benefit of a bamboo fence is that they’re environmentally friendly and can be easily stained. While you may not think bamboo could work for your home, you may be surprised to learn that bamboo is resistant to both excessive heat and snow! A real win-win for our unpredictable Canadian climate.

Slatted Wood

This slatted wood privacy fence not only looks great but it also helps to keep nosy neighbours out of your business. These fences are designed to allow some air and light to get through its thin horizontal slats. This way you can enjoy your privacy without feeling like you’re completely closed in.

Sheet Metal & Wood Combination

Can’t decide on one material for your fence? Why not combine a couple to create your own custom look. This fence incorporates modern and classic design, creating a completely original look. Get creative and mix and match your materials for a look that’s unique to your home.


Sometimes the need for a fence is less practical and more aesthetic.

Vertical Garden

This option doubles as a great privacy fence while also giving you something beautiful to look at. Turn your fence into a vertical garden by incorporating crawling plants and flowers. You can also add shelves to display little succulents. If you plan on going big with your fence, you might as well put that space to good use and create something beautiful to look at.

Custom Metal Designs

If you’re looking to really wow your neighbours, a custom metal designed fence may be just what you’re looking for. Metal fences are among the more expensive, and once you add on the custom detail work, this decorative fence could end up costing a pretty penny.

Painted Concrete

Looking to make a statement without breaking the bank? Then why not paint your way to a new fence. This painted concrete fence adds a fun pop of colour to this homeowner’s lush backyard. If your current fence is in good condition but is looking a little blah, try updating it with a fresh coat of paint to give it new life. Painting an otherwise unsightly fence is also a good option if you can’t afford a completely new fence right now.

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