Wednesday Jun 19th, 2019


4 Dangers of Ignoring Tree Maintenance

Just like the rest of your home, the trees on your property need to be maintained throughout the year. Regularly keeping up with maintenance will ensure you’re not caught off guard by a fallen tree branch. By taking the time to look out for broken limbs or signs of disease, you’ll avoid putting your home, family, and property at risk. Here are the top four dangers of ignoring tree maintenance.

1. Injuring People

By far the worst thing that can happen by ignoring tree maintenance is injuring another person. When a tree becomes damaged, sick or unstable, its branches are much more likely to fall off and injure someone. This could be a member of your household, a neighbour, or a passerby. A damaged tree may lose a branch quickly and without warning, making them a real hazard. This is why it is so important to keep up with your tree maintenance and to connect with a tree service company if you have any concerns about a tree on your property.

If you have damaged or unstable trees on your property, your best option is to have them removed by a tree service company before they cause serious bodily injury. A damaged limb can fall off at any moment, and if a tree’s roots are rotten, it could completely fall over without warning. It is your responsibility as a homeowner to take a proactive approach and protect those who will be on and around your property.

2. Damage To Home & Property

Just as ignoring tree maintenance can result in injuries to people, it can also cause major damages to your home and surrounding property. Not only is this damage a big inconvenience to your life, but it can also be quite costly. While your home insurance may offer coverage, this will greatly depend upon the amount of time and effort you put into tree maintenance.

Falling tree branches can easily knock out city power lines, crush your car, damage your roof, and even break windows. Just think of all the home service pros you will have to contact because of one fallen tree branch. Save yourself the time, money and hassle and be sure to have a tree service company properly inspect your trees. As an extra precaution, be sure to also inspect older trees on your property after a large storm.

3. Legal Issues

A fallen tree branch could result in an assortment of legal issues if you’re not careful. All homeowners are responsible for maintaining the trees on their property. This includes two legal responsibilities: making reasonable inspections and ensuring your trees are safe. Failing to do so can result in you being financially and legally responsible for any damages caused by a fallen tree on you or your neighbours’ property.

Conversely, if a tree from a neighbours’ property damages something on your land, they can be held responsible if they failed to maintain their trees. If your neighbours’ property has damage as a result of a tree on your property, your insurance should cover the costs so long as you can demonstrate maintaining your trees. If it is clear you did nothing about an obvious problem, you can be held accountable for covering any damages.

There are some cases where a homeowner could be held responsible even with proper maintenance. If the tree damage is a result of you attempting to cut down a tree without the help of a professional tree removal company, the damage is your responsibility. Additionally, if you have a dying, unstable or diseased tree and have knowingly done nothing about it, when the tree falls it will be your responsibility to cover the damages. If you know you have a tree that is a potential hazard, it is your responsibility to take care of the tree and prevent any damages.

4. Damage To Other Trees

If you have one damaged or sick tree on your property, it’s likely you will have more. Disease and insect infestations can spread like wildfire to other trees. If left ignored, all of your trees could become sick and eventually die. This can result in limbs falling off and trees falling over. These falling branches can land on other trees and further damage them. Eventually, you will have a domino effect of tree damage.

To avoid spreading sickness and causing more damage than is necessary, make sure you regularly have your trees inspected. If you find not all is right with your trees, be sure to do something about it. A tree service company can perform both of these tasks for you so don’t have to worry about missing anything.

Ignoring your tree maintenance can result in major problems for your home, your property and your wallet. Do not risk the lives of those around you because you cannot be bothered to inspect your trees. Do the right thing and have a tree service company come by to take a look at the health and safety of your trees. This way if a tree branch falls on your neighbours’ lawn, you know you’re covered.

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